Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One Page Rules - Orion's Gate

I've noticed I like game rules.  Not sure why, but I like to collect tabletop and roleplaying games.  I may never play the game, ever, but I'll still collect it and read it and look at the pictures and then shelf it for eternity.  But they always leave an imprint of some kind; something that lingers in the depths of my subconscious waiting to be released.  For example, I like starship battles.  I've played video games where you are a fighter taking on other fighters, or you are controlling a fleet of ships taking on other fleets.  Perhaps its because I'm a Navy guy, I like ships blowing up other ships, even in space.  Anyways, a friend of mine introduced me to Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games.  He even demoed a game with me and showed me how in depth the game is, with all these rules and things you can upgrade and just how crammed the book is with starship stuff.  Needless to say, I was not interested in that game at the time (I was more into 40k in those days).

So I've been looking into One Page Rules recently.  For example my previous post was about their rules called WarStuff, which I'll be testing out again soon.  But I've also felt my interest peaked with Orion's Gate, a spaceship warfare game (  Right now it still seems to be in development, but it had a neat cover art and I felt the need to get some starships to push around.  

Searching the mighty Google, I came across a page of ships that ought to work for this endeavor.
Battlefleet Gothic Imperial ships

And thus, I glued them to cardboard and cut them out.  Please ignore the horrific cutting, my kids have hidden our scissors and I had to rely on a pair of dull child-proof scissors.
I separated them into vaguely four different categories for Orion's Gate.  I imagine I'll be tweaking them later as needed.
Hopefully soon I'll be able to dive into a game or two of Orion's Gate and see how it plays out.  I've got a few ideas of my own, house rules you could say, to modify the current state of the game.  I've posted them up on the forum:

Stay tuned for some starship battles in the near future.

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