Sunday, May 15, 2016

WarStuff battle report - 5/15/16

I decided to play a little tabletop skirmish game today, this time using something different from One Page Rules called WarStuff.  You can find it here:

It allows some customization for whatever miniatures you want to use, very similar to Song of Blades & Heroes.  And like SoBH and other One Page Rules, each of your units has a Quality value for attacking/defending and some Special Rules.  The combat is slightly different, however, requiring you to compare your Quality to the defender's Quality to figure out what you need to roll on a die to hit the target.  Then you roll to see if you kill the defender or wound them.

Sounded simple enough, so I grabbed a handful of miniatures and plopped them onto the battlefield and started rolling dice.

From the Confrontation starter set, here are five pre-painted Wulfen.  I gave them all Quality 3, Large, and Fast.  For a total of 225 points.  I figured the higher Quality and special rules would offset how few they were.

Also from the Confrontation starter set, there are eight spearmen and one captain/hero.  All the spearmen are Quality 2, no abilities.  The captain is Quality 3, with Leader and Power Strike.  The total for them is 225 points.  

Wulfen to the left, spearmen to the right.  There are 3 objective crates to be captured; top of the tower, center on Difficult Terrain, and bottom in the open.  I ruled a model could drag the objective back to their deployment zone but at a Walk speed only.

The captain used his Leader ability to advance a couple guys early.

At the bottom objective, two spearmen are no match for two Large Wulfen.  At all.

The center fight was a bit one-sided as well.  Large Wulfen with Quality 3 decimate simple Quality 2 troops.

At the tower the spearmen climb up to get the objective.

Wulfen are in control at this point.

First objective is moving out.
As the top objective is dragged away, a lone Wulfen confronts a very angry captain who has slain two others.

The captain is victorious, and they have claimed a second objective.
Well the first battle went very quick.  It flowed quite well once I started getting into it.  I realized my Quality 2 spearmen are practically useless against Quality 3 creatures that are also Large.  But the spearmen succeeded, thanks to the buff captain and their superior numbers.  Considering how quick that match went, I opted to try another match.  This time something more straight forward.

Wulfen to the left, spearmen to the right.  The objective; kill 'em all.

The captain used his Leader ability, advancing his three allies up.

The calm before the storm.

A round or so later, two Wulfen and a handful of spearmen are murdered.

Eventually it boils down to a lone spearman and the valiant captain.

Wounds are piling up on everyone as the die rolls keep failing.

Alas, the brave captain was slain.

The inevitable conclusion as the Wulfen feast on the dead.

WarStuff is a neat game.  I like being able to customize units to use any miniature I want.  And the rules are very light and matches go by quick, even with solo play.  I would recommend reading the Designer's Notes section of the core rules and heed the advice there.  I'll probably make some rosters in the future with more equal unit costs, just to see how the game might unfold.  Check it out, and let them know what you think over on their forum:

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