Friday, May 20, 2016

Orion's Gate - Orky fleet

While I was still on the creative warpath, I thought I would go ahead and draw up a fleet of ships to commemorate my favorite greenskin Orks.  As I contemplate how to flesh them out for Orion's Gate (gotta have red paint in there somewhere, and boarding actions, and spiky bits, etc.), I wonder if I should expand my collection into other type factions; Necrons, Eldar, Tau, Tyranids, or make something up (Cthulhu tentacle things and otherworldly creatures, or retro 70's rockets kinda like Flash Gordon).

An Orky fleet and some more asteroids.  Left to right:  Capitol Ships (Space Hulks), Battleships (Battle Kroozers), Cruisers (Kroozers), and Squadrons (Fighta-bombas).

Got quite a bit completed in just one day.  Three fleets and a bunch of asteroids.  Though, I could combine the grey fleets versus the Orky fleet for one massive space battle.  Not sure how difficult that would be to play out.....tempting though.

My favorite part about all of this, all the ships and asteroids fit in one small ziplock bag.  How often can you fit all your units and terrain into a little baggy? 

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