Friday, May 20, 2016

Orion's Gate - a battle report

I have decided to make my own ships.  The previous ones were difficult to distinguish between types.  As well, I made some asteroids and changed up a couple components for my battleships.
I'm calling the dark grey ships the Omega Fleet and the light grey ships the Alpha Fleet.  From left to right, I made:  a Capitol Ship, 2 Battleships, 2 Cruisers, and 2 Squadrons.  Then a handful of asteroids for terrain.
Alpha Fleet has 2 Squadrons (fighters), 2 Cruisers (Cannons), and a Battleship (Missile Cluster left arc, Missile Cluster right arc, and  Giga Cannon forward).

Omega Fleet has 2 Squadrons (fighters), 2 Cruisers (Plasma Cannons), and a Battleship (Tractor Beam, Hangar [I consider it a Point-Defense-System and not swarm of fighters], and a Viral Ram).

Omega Fleet is to the left, asteroids in the middle, and Alpha Fleet to the right.
Squadrons from both fleets maneuver around asteroids to get better positions.

Omega's Cruisers advance and are able to damage Alpha's Cruiser #2.

Both Battleships move forward.  Omega's Battleship uses its Tractor Beam to pull in Alpha Cruiser #1.

Round 2, both Alpha Squadrons swing around asteroids to shoot at the rear of the Omega Squadrons.  But only Omega Squadron #2 is destroyed.

Omega Squadron #1 pivots 180 degrees and blasts Alpha Squadron #2.  Cruisers exchange fire.  Alpha Cruiser #2 destroys one of the Omega Cruisers but is destroyed by the other.  Alpha Cruiser #1 is able to shoot and damage the Omega Battleship.

Battleships advance.  Alpha Battleship fires its main guns and Giga Cannon at the remaining Omega Cruiser, but does no damage.  Then the Alpha Battleship unloads all three Missile Clusters from its right arc at the Omega Battleship.  All hit, no damage.  The Omega Battleship rams the last Alpha Cruiser and destroys it.

A cat and mouse game occurs as the battleships circle the central asteroid.  The last Alpha Squadron is destroyed by the final Omega Squadron.  Alpha Battleship finishes off the last Omega Cruiser and Squadron.

The Omega Battleship, last of its fleet, uses its Tractor Beam to draw in the Alpha Battleship, then unloads its main guns and uses its point-defense-system (Hangar) to finish off one component and damage a second.  End of Round 4, technically Omega Fleet has won.  All ships except Battleships are destroyed.  But the Alpha Battleship is far more damaged than Omega.

Technically match is over but I decided to play a Round 5 to see if the Alpha Battleship could escape to tell the tale of their loss.  As the Omega Battleship activated last on Round 4, they get to activate first for Round 5.  So naturally the Omega Battleship rammed Alpha.  This of course finished off the second component for the already crippled ship.  

But for Alpha Battleship, they engage maximum speed to escape certain destruction.
This battle was more enjoyable than the previous.  There was a lot more jockeying for position and trying to line up for shots.  Ramming ships is devastating and quite satisfying.  I would like to try a larger battle, with a Capitol Ship perhaps.  Maybe with more asymmetrical fleet compositions (all Cruisers, all Battleships, etc.). 

As well, I think I need to draw up some Ork-like ships, with spikes and ramming prows, to give these pedestrian fleets something to deal with.  Still, the game was fun and interesting enough to try another match.

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