Sunday, May 29, 2016

Orion's Gate battle report - 24 points

I decided to try a bigger game of Orion's Gate (Orion's Gate), with Capitol Ships on both sides.  The match is between the Void Orcs and the Star League.
The Star League:  Capitol Ship, Battleship, 2 Cruisers, 2 Squadrons
 The Star League's Capitol Ship is outfitted with 2 Cannons (forward arc), Hangar, Torpedo (forward arc), and Giga Cannons (one left arc and one right arc).  Their Battleship has a Missile Cluster, Hangar, and Torpedo.  Both Cruisers are armed with Plasma Cannons.

The Void Orcs:  Capitol Ship, Battleship, 2 Cruisers, 2 Squadrons
 The Void Orcs' Capitol Ship has a Viral Ram, Warp Drive, Shields, Hangar, and Giga Cannons (one left arc and one right arc).  The Battleship has a Viral Ram, Plasma Cannon, and Hangar.  Both Cruisers use Missile Clusters.

An asteroid field is the spot of the impending battles.  The three larger asteroids are Blocking Terrain, the rest are Obscuring Terrain.

The lower Void Orc Cruiser is able to destroy one of the Star League Squadrons, the other ships jockey for better positions and firing lanes.

The Void Orc Capitol Ship uses its Warp Drive to pop in closer.

The Orc and League Squadrons around the center asteroid were destroyed, as was the lower Star League Cruiser.

The Star League Battleship advances, trying to unload its arsenal on both Void Orc Cruisers and Battleship.  Meanwhile, the Orc Capitol Ship warps behind the League Cruiser and shoots its short-range weapons at the opposing Capitol Ship.

The Star League Cruiser jumps forward and shoots the Void Orc Battleship from behind, just before it rams full speed into the League's Battleship.  The Orc Capitol Ship pivots 90 degrees and rams the League Capitol Ship.

The last round ends in calamity.  The last Star League Cruiser is destroyed by a Void Orc Cruiser.  The League Battleship blasts away the other Orc Cruiser, just before the Void Orc Battleship rams into it, destroying both ships!  The Orc Capitol Ship rams the League's, damaging both.

The Star League scrapyard.  Only their Capitol Ship remained (missing one component).

The Void Orc scrapyard.  Survivors were one Squadron, one Cruiser (with damaged component), and the Capitol Ship (which had only two components remaining).
I got to try out the component Warp Drive, which I thought was pretty neat.  I imagine seeing a Capitol Ship just pop out of nowhere and throwing out lots of close-ranged firepower would be terrifying.  The Viral Ram is guaranteed to damage a target.

I need to house-rule some boarding party rules (boarding torpedoes, teleportation, etc.) and racial benefits.  Might design some Eldar or Necron type ships as well.

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